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Fishing for Chinook Against the Wind

Among the many other outdoor recreational activities Florence has to offer, fishing on the Oregon Coast is spectacular- but because Oregon weather is anything but predictable, here are some tips about fishing for Chinook against the wind.

Oregon’s coast is a great place to fish for Chinook salmon, which is a cold-water species usually found in temperatures below 45 degrees. Here in Florence, we always recommend preparing for windy conditions, as the weather is often unreliable.

Although fishing in the wind can be somewhat scary, there are ways to overcome these conditions. In fact, we’ve come to find that wind can actually benefit those looking to catch Chinook because it makes the fish more active. So wind actually makes for more productive fishing weather! With the right bait, the fish are more likely to bite than in calmer waters.

In order to remain in a specific area, such as near a structure, use an anchor. This way your boat will be steadied and you can focus on the catch.

Also, taking certain safety precautions is essential in unstable weather conditions. Always wear a life vest, and make sure your boat has plenty of gas before taking off. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Florence is a great place for fishing- in spite of the wind- especially for certain species such as Chinook. As long as you prepare ahead of time, the weather should not stop you from a successful day of catch. Contact us today if you have any more questions about Oregon weather, and we can help you get started planning a trip to Florence.

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